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Connected Communities works with the following organizations to market its programs and share resources.


The Computer Systems Policy Project, a public policy advocacy group, consists of the Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers from America's leading technology companies.  Currently the CSPP is focused on policies relating to export controls, Internet privacy, encryption, and electronic commerce.  The CSPP developed the Community Readiness Assessment Guide for Living in the Networked World.  Visit the web site to learn more about the Guide and try out the Guide on-line.

Great Valley Center  

The Great Valley Center (GVC) is a non-profit organization that supports activities and organizations that promote the economic, social, and environmental well-being of California's Great Central Valley.  GVC and Connected Communities partnered to create New Valley Connexions, a program to attract high speed communications to the San Joaquin Valley in support of economic development objectives.

e-Communities (formerly Smart Valley Japan)

e-Communities is a non-profit organization based in Tokyo.  It has over 400 members who are dedicated to working at a grassroots level to help communities get connected to the Internet.  e-Communities translated the CSPP Assessment Guide into Japanese and is helping communities conduct self assessments.  The J-Matrix, as it the Japanese version is called, is available on this website, but you will need Japanese character support to view it.  

Collaborative Economics

Based in Palo Alto, Collaborative Economics is one of the leading advocates of regional economic development and grassroots leadership.  Clients include Silicon Valley, Austin Texas, Cleveland, Ohio, and Washington DC.

Innovation Groups      

The Innovation Groups (IG) is a nonprofit organization with a membership base of over 400 city, town, and county governments in the U.S.. IG helps city and county government professionals find the tools and information they need to improve productivity, and save time and money.  IG and Connected Communities partnered to create the e-GOVERNMENT forum.  The forum has helped over 70 cities and counties develop their electronic government strategies.

The Citistates Group     

The Citistates Group is a network of journalists, speakers, and advisers committed to competitive, equitable and sustainable 21st century metropolitan regions. To aid regions, the Group offers quick, one-stop access to its constellation of leading American thinkers and experienced actors in forging stronger, more coherent regions.  Neal Peirce and Curt Johnson prepare in depth analyses of communities and publish them in the local newspapers.

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